Easter decorations are always fun to make this time of year. Winter has come and gone, and it is time to dress up your home for Easter. Whether you enjoy making things with your hands or simply prefer buying Easter decorations, there’s a lot you can do to show your love for the holiday. Fill your home with Easter-themed touches and make it a place where people linger. BRING IN

Concrete Paving Blocks from  KAPSTORE are an excellent alternative for the most demanding design requirements, be it in the infrastructure, residential or the commercial realm. On one hand, the paving blocks aid design and hence contribute to enhancement of spaces and user experience. On the other, they can be the functional backbone of hardstands. On yet other, it can aid the biodiversity and conservation of resources. We invite you to

Your home needs a perfect dining table that will let the entire family sit and enjoy the meals together. There is a large variety of sets to choose from, so pick the one that enhances the beauty of your décor and presents it in a magnificent manner. The dining set comes in different shape and sizes to suit the needs and preferences of one and all. One should always remember

A PIECE WITH HISTORY 1. A PIECE WITH HISTORY “It’s great when people have things from their grandparents, or something with a story about how they found it overseas and lugged it home,” says designer John Robshaw. “It adds a narrative, it’s fun, and it often shows a family connection—or a sense of adventure.” 2. Travel Essentials To Make Anywhere Feel Like Home “We’re living out of our bags now!”

Decorating a house is a passion pursued by many. Adding your own creative touch and treating the walls of your home as a canvas is what you look forward to after purchasing a house. Things like flower vases, figurines, paintings, holders, fancy trays and many more accentuate the aesthetic appeal of your home. At Kapstore we house several of these decorative pieces at minimalistic rates. You can find them in