Benefits of Cane Furniture: Cost effective: Compared to other types of wooden and metal furniture, it is priced at lower rates. As it is cost effective, most people choose it to decorate their homes and patios. It can also be replaced and altered often as it is priced at reasonable rates. Resistant to the vagaries of the weather: It is mostly used in garden and patios as outdoor cane furniture

Feel comfortable and pleasant, a space formed by the original objective is simple, simple and harmonius coexistence Brief description: 1)Good for leisure in garden; 2)Environment-friendly, low carbon; 3)Good for health *  The bottom triangle support is welded with the circular chasis, more determined the stability and security       of the basket *  Thickned Tubes , bear strong, rolling baking process, never rust* Compound Spring * Strong support *

RELAXING CHAIR; Outsunny 3 Seater Cushioned Garden Swing Chair with Canopy Sit yourself down in this charming patio swing to let all your stress melt away. The smooth rocking motion of a swing is a great way to spend your time outdoors and with enough seating to accommodate 3 people swinging need not be a solitary experience. This patio swing features a large canopy to help block out the sun


May 2016

Antique Mirrors

For the past few centuries, mirrors have been one of the focal points of the home and are considered an essential home furnishing by many top interior designers. The mirror has the ability to transform a room and can easily alter the ambiance giving a feeling of greater space and depth. A Brief History of the Mirror As soon as early man saw a reflection in dark rock pools and

Wall Clocks not only serve the purpose of telling the time accurately but are an important part of home or office decor. We provide a variety of vintage clocks in affordable prices.