While the kitchen and bathroom often take priority when it’s time to renovate, the living room is the first place decorators look at when their home needs a revamp. As the central feature (and often the first room guests see), it should reflect your personal taste and aesthetic. But what if your champagne style is at odds with your canned-beer budget? At KAPSTORE, we never let finances get in the way of a

In today’s fast-paced world, there is hardly any time that individuals can devote to themselves,  but by bringing in a few elements of nature in your home décor, one could bring about some calming effect to the mind and body, say experts. Here are a few tricks and tips that Malhotra shared: * Decorate your house with floral prints and textures. You can try floral wallpapers or rustic leaf textures.

Benefits of Cane Furniture: Cost effective: Compared to other types of wooden and metal furniture, it is priced at lower rates. As it is cost effective, most people choose it to decorate their homes and patios. It can also be replaced and altered often as it is priced at reasonable rates. Resistant to the vagaries of the weather: It is mostly used in garden and patios as outdoor cane furniture

Feel comfortable and pleasant, a space formed by the original objective is simple, simple and harmonius coexistence Brief description: 1)Good for leisure in garden; 2)Environment-friendly, low carbon; 3)Good for health *  The bottom triangle support is welded with the circular chasis, more determined the stability and security       of the basket *  Thickned Tubes , bear strong, rolling baking process, never rust* Compound Spring * Strong support *