While the kitchen and bathroom often take priority when it’s time to renovate, the living room is the first place decorators look at when their home needs a revamp. As the central feature (and often the first room guests see), it should reflect your personal taste and aesthetic. But what if your champagne style is at odds with your canned-beer budget? At KAPSTORE, we never let finances get in the way of a

In today’s fast-paced world, there is hardly any time that individuals can devote to themselves,  but by bringing in a few elements of nature in your home décor, one could bring about some calming effect to the mind and body, say experts. Here are a few tricks and tips that Malhotra shared: * Decorate your house with floral prints and textures. You can try floral wallpapers or rustic leaf textures.

Benefits of Cane Furniture: Cost effective: Compared to other types of wooden and metal furniture, it is priced at lower rates. As it is cost effective, most people choose it to decorate their homes and patios. It can also be replaced and altered often as it is priced at reasonable rates. Resistant to the vagaries of the weather: It is mostly used in garden and patios as outdoor cane furniture

Feel comfortable and pleasant, a space formed by the original objective is simple, simple and harmonius coexistence Brief description: 1)Good for leisure in garden; 2)Environment-friendly, low carbon; 3)Good for health *  The bottom triangle support is welded with the circular chasis, more determined the stability and security       of the basket *  Thickned Tubes , bear strong, rolling baking process, never rust* Compound Spring * Strong support *

RELAXING CHAIR; Outsunny 3 Seater Cushioned Garden Swing Chair with Canopy Sit yourself down in this charming patio swing to let all your stress melt away. The smooth rocking motion of a swing is a great way to spend your time outdoors and with enough seating to accommodate 3 people swinging need not be a solitary experience. This patio swing features a large canopy to help block out the sun


May 2016

Antique Mirrors

For the past few centuries, mirrors have been one of the focal points of the home and are considered an essential home furnishing by many top interior designers. The mirror has the ability to transform a room and can easily alter the ambiance giving a feeling of greater space and depth. A Brief History of the Mirror As soon as early man saw a reflection in dark rock pools and

Wall Clocks not only serve the purpose of telling the time accurately but are an important part of home or office decor. We provide a variety of vintage clocks in affordable prices.          

                                                                           Athangudi tiles The specialty of these Athangudi tilesis that they are handmade and dried in the sun. A variety of colorful and vibrant design patterns are made on these tiles giving these tiles

 Half Moon Console Table                                                 This classic table will be a beautiful and durable accent to your home. The placement is one of the most important things. Since the shape is half moon, then you will need to make sure to put this kind of table next

Vishu festival is an important festival for Malayalese as it is the beginning of their New Year. This festival is main festival and celebrated in a grand way in the state of Kerala and other area of Tamil Nadu. Medan is the first month in the Malayalam calendar and this festival is celebrated on the first day of this month. People give gifts on the Vishu festival and you must

Would you like a delicate and elegant living environment, or you are just unwilling to accept the dull wall in hand. You can consider the wall shelves. Now buy it, expanding your available space as well as adding a new look to your home, office, restaurant etc. The shelf uses a unique cantilevered bracket system allowing them to support much heavier loads than any other floating shelves available on the market.

Space saver, a seat and step stool all in one.Beautiful Wooden Flip Stool!a seat and step stool all in one.A special Kitchen Furniture!!  

An efficient low rise coffee table with two cushioned stools The table’s modest slatted design makes it easy to adorn to match the room’s style Nest the stools under the table, spread it out or simply use it as extra seating

Coconut Hanging Lamps – Garden Party Light – Natural Art Night – Light Home Decorative

Easter decorations are always fun to make this time of year. Winter has come and gone, and it is time to dress up your home for Easter. Whether you enjoy making things with your hands or simply prefer buying Easter decorations, there’s a lot you can do to show your love for the holiday. Fill your home with Easter-themed touches and make it a place where people linger. BRING IN

Concrete Paving Blocks from  KAPSTORE are an excellent alternative for the most demanding design requirements, be it in the infrastructure, residential or the commercial realm. On one hand, the paving blocks aid design and hence contribute to enhancement of spaces and user experience. On the other, they can be the functional backbone of hardstands. On yet other, it can aid the biodiversity and conservation of resources. We invite you to

Your home needs a perfect dining table that will let the entire family sit and enjoy the meals together. There is a large variety of sets to choose from, so pick the one that enhances the beauty of your décor and presents it in a magnificent manner. The dining set comes in different shape and sizes to suit the needs and preferences of one and all. One should always remember

A PIECE WITH HISTORY 1. A PIECE WITH HISTORY “It’s great when people have things from their grandparents, or something with a story about how they found it overseas and lugged it home,” says designer John Robshaw. “It adds a narrative, it’s fun, and it often shows a family connection—or a sense of adventure.” 2. Travel Essentials To Make Anywhere Feel Like Home “We’re living out of our bags now!”

Decorating a house is a passion pursued by many. Adding your own creative touch and treating the walls of your home as a canvas is what you look forward to after purchasing a house. Things like flower vases, figurines, paintings, holders, fancy trays and many more accentuate the aesthetic appeal of your home. At Kapstore we house several of these decorative pieces at minimalistic rates. You can find them in

When you buy a home, you can’t just stop at buying good furniture and ignore the room’s lighting.  KAPSTORE houses a great range of ceiling light designs that you can pick from. Choose from a variety of hanging ceiling lights .

Vintage clocks don’t just make for smart and chic home decor but they’re also great gifts. When you choose vintage clock designs as opposed to any other style, you can be sure that it’ll be a fit in almost any surrounding. While some may blend in and others stand-out, they are unique in their historical elegance that’ll add character to any space.

Striped Laundry Basket This striped laundry basket is sure to become a must have accessory for most homes. It helps you in keeping all your messy clothes in place and it can also be placed anywhere within your home thanks to its attractive look. The classic white and black combination is another feature that makes it a desirable one. Blue Designs Laundry Basket This attractive laundry basket with blue designs

Easy chairs are smaller compared to normal armchairs but they are more versatile. They don’t take a lot of space and this makes them suited for any kind of room, around a table, in a hallway, in a living room, a bedroom, office… wherever you put it you’re going to find it convenient! KAPSTORE  offers you many models to choose from. Let yourself be inspired by the curves, the materials

Before air conditioners came into our lives, it was fan that saved us from the burning heat in India. They make our homes cool and breezy at any time of the day. They do not even conserve too much power shooting our electricity bills to the sky. They not only save us from heat but also add beauty to our homes. At kapstore, you can choose from a wide range

A sofa set is the most common piece of furniture in a living room. They are versatile and provide seating space for the whole family. You can customize them and make it look more attractive, by adding some new cushion covers and pillows. Sofas are of different types-single seater, double seater, three seater, wooden sofa sets, leather sofa recliners, L shaped sofas, sofa cum beds, futons and so on. At

Pay homage to the class and elegance of a by-gone era by decorating your home with a vintage telephone. This kind of unique ornament is sure to add a quirky yet sophisticated aura to any room. Our antique phones are exquisitely designed decor items with a wonderful old world charm and an unforgettable visual appeal.