Easy chairs are smaller compared to normal armchairs but they are more versatile. They don’t take a lot of space and this makes them suited for any kind of room, around a table, in a hallway, in a living room, a bedroom, office… wherever you put it you’re going to find it convenient! KAPSTORE  offers you many models to choose from. Let yourself be inspired by the curves, the materials and the vivid colors. Based on this piece of furniture’s features, you may choose the one the best suits your needs. For example an easy chair with armrests can be matched to a table or placed in a living room; a rocking easy chair will rock you gently and will be perfect in your bedroom; a trestle based easy chair or a swiveling easy chair will be super comfortable and useful in your office!

Thanks to their versatility, easy chairs allow designers maximum design freedom. Sometimes their creations are quite unique. If your house is in an informal and trendy style, choose a contemporary style easy chair; while if you prefer more traditional furniture, choose a classic style easy chair with its more elegant lines.

Just like all upholstered furniture, easy chairs can come with several kinds of coverings. The most common ones are the leather easy chairs and the fabric easy chairs depending on whether you are looking for a durable and precious material or a sturdy easy maintenance one.


Easy Chair

Easy Chair


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    Rita Nair

    27 03 2016

    How much does

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    20 04 2016

    Please give a quote for traditional kerala style wooden easy chair. Please let me whether you can send through transport to Coimbatore. Also please let me the address and land mark to locate your shop

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      20 04 2016

      pls give ur mail id..

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        25 05 2016

        Please give a quotation for delivery at cimbatore

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      Esmie Godinho

      19 06 2018

      Do you supply furniture to Delhi

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    sujatha RR

    24 04 2016


    I am interested in buying the Traditional wooden easy chair , which i could see in left side in ur web site under “Sit, relax, enjoy” ..

    I am at Chennai and is it possible to transport… Pls let me know.

    Sujatha RR

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    03 05 2016

    I am looking for Kerala Style easy chair. Please send me the details, including pricing, delivery etc. This is for my home at kerala

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    26 06 2016

    Please let me the cost of your easy chairs
    I am from Thrissur

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    25 07 2016

    Traditional wood and cloth easy chair wanted. Can you send a quote for the same. To be delivered to my house in coimbatore.

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    30 11 2016

    I am looking forward to buy a Kerala tradition easy chair, please let me know your price and more pictures about the same subject

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    02 12 2016

    Hi, Can you please send a quotation for your easy chair (delivery at Chennai). We need two chairs.

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    13 12 2016

    what is the price of easy chair with long amrest

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    23 12 2016

    Please share the quote alone with transport to Chennai for the ‘easy chair’ models to the given mail ID.


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    06 01 2017

    Please provide a quotation for Wooden Easy chair (Antique) for aged people. Location of Delivery will be Coimbatore.

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