In today’s fast-paced world, there is hardly any time that individuals can devote to themselves,  but by bringing in a few elements of nature in your home décor, one could bring about some calming effect to the mind and body, say experts.

Here are a few tricks and tips that Malhotra shared:

* Decorate your house with floral prints and textures.


You can try floral wallpapers or rustic leaf textures. Wall murals are another great way of translating the architectural elements of the given space on the walls or ceiling of the room. You can also go for wall stickers which are proving to be a cheaper alternative and feel.

* House planters and creepers are the most dependable

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In-house planters and creepers are the most dependable and easy option when it is about adding that touch of nature to your house. Living walls where the entire wall is covered with plants are a good idea. They are great for softening hard environments and can be planted with purely decorative plants or more practical herbs and vegetables.


* Cheaper alternatives like wall-hung fabric planters are more versatile. Suitable plants include clematis, climbing roses, petrea and wisteria.


* Brick walls not only bring a natural and rustic look to the house, but it is also a very good way of keeping your house eco-friendly.


Brick is chiefly made from clay and shale, which are both among the most natural materials available on earth. Its consistency in pattern and design makes an attractive environment and also adds texture and colour to the room.

* Wooden statement…


You can move over to Swarovski and crystal as wood is creating a style statement in the uber houses these days.

From poplar to teak, the wooden furniture gives your house a more earthen and nature friendly feel. They are durable, beautiful and can be carved in a variety of ways to suit your taste. If you prefer a rustic look, you can go for antique furniture like rocking chairs and four-poster beds whereas if your interiors prefer a contemporary appeal, wood furniture with minimal lines would strike the deal for you.

* The earthy feeling…


Terracotta or clay pots are in trend and add to the ambiance of the house. The clay has a distinctive natural reddish-orange colour that makes it look more earthen.

If you like ethnicity around your space, you can go for regional prints and brighter colours. Lighter and pastel shades with nominal prints would call for a more contemporary look.
Natural scented candles give your space an aromatic, comfortable feel.


Dried flowers in a crystal bowls not only look pretty in the living room, they also add colour but are a great way to create a relaxing space. Other articles like pebbles and dried leaves also add beauty and peace to your room.

It is important to have some amount of sunlight in your living space.


It not just adds to the brightness but also ensures a healthy life.

Whether moving into a new place or getting your own house designed, pay extra attention to the windows. Natural lighting allows you to play with the home decor of the room and the colours of the wall.



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